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New York 19

Tony Schwartz
New York 19 New York 19 is a collection of recordings compiled by sound archivist Tony Schwartz that captures the musicality in a single postal zone in Manhattan. The album moves from the sounds of various national and religious groups to those of children’s games as well as everyday conversations, jackhammers, and trains. Pete Seeger is heard on track 2, leading a sing-along of the classic "Wimoweh," and legendary composer and street musician Moondog (aka "the Viking of 6th Avenue) appears on track 6, playing the Oo. In New York 19, Schwartz reveals the melody and rhythm of everyday life in Manhattan life c. 1954.

Track Listing

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Why Collect Recordings? / El Venadito (medley) Tony Schwartz 01:40
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Exchange by Mail / Greetings from Afar / Wimoweh / ... in New York 19 (medley) Tony Schwartz 04:28
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National Groups / French Song and Comment / Romanian Song and Comment / Nigerian Students / Israeli Song (medley) Tony Schwartz 05:44
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Religion (Street Preacher, Jewish Prayer) Tony Schwartz 04:10
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Translations (Italian, Puerto Rican Jukebox Record) Tony Schwartz 04:04
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Street Musicians / Times Square Accordionist / Carnegie Hall Fiddler (medley) Tony Schwartz 02:16
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Selling (Theater Barker, 52nd Street Doorman, Salesman, Theater Program, Flowers, Newspapers) Tony Schwartz 05:20
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Children (Ring Games, Jump Rope, Bounce Ball, Clapping, Bong o Boys Basement Drums) Tony Schwartz 03:39
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Sounds of the City (Street driller, 9th Avenue "L") Tony Schwartz 01:45
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Music in Speech (Grocer, Elderly woman, Plumber) Tony Schwartz 04:30