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An Actual Story in Sound of a Dog's Life

An Actual Story in Sound of a Dog's Life

Originally aired as part of the CBS Radio Workshop and released by Folkways in 1958, Tony Schwartz’s A Dog’s Life tells the story of how he acquired his dog, Tina, from a Manhattan shelter. Narrator Ralph Bell guides the listener through barks, growls, and New Yorkers’ advice on everything from how a dog like Tina should be groomed, if her tail should be clipped, how she should be named, etc. With A Dog’s Life, Schwartz creates an engaging recording that captures the atmosphere of 1950s New York. Liner notes include black-and-white photographs of Schwartz and Tina, as well as some of Tina’s canine companions.

Track Listing

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Dog's Life, Part I Tony Schwartz 11:49
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Dog's Life, Part II Tony Schwartz 11:35
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Radio Station Announcer (not on original LP) Tony Schwartz 0:20