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Music in the Streets

Music in the Streets

From the streets of New York City comes a medley of musical styles that represents the cultural and musical diversity of the Big Apple. Recorded between the spring of 1950 and fall of 1957 by famed sound archivist Tony Schwartz, Music in the Streets attests to the view that music is a matter of “necessity [and] inclination.” The selections here include not only that of street performers and musicians but also of street festivals, parades, and religious groups. Liner notes include photographs of street musicians in New York City, an introduction by Schwartz, and track notes.

Track Listing

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Street Musicians (Saxophone, Glass Bowls, Bongo Boys, Carnegie Hall Fiddler, Guitar, Accordion, Moondog) Tony Schwartz 13:31
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Washington Square- Banjo and Bass / Rambling Around / King Edward Calypso / Spoons and Ocarine / Met a Little Gypsy / Deep Blue Sea / Another Man Done Gone (medley) Tony Schwartz 12:22
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Religious Music (Church Bells, Salvation Army Group, Salvation Army Band, Puerto Rican Gospel Group, Just a Closer Walk with Thee) Tony Schwartz 7:24
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Street Festival (Jazz Group, Band, Parade, Song) Tony Schwartz 9:05
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Parades Tony Schwartz 6:15