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Irish Dance Music

Various Artists
Irish Dance Music

Reg Hall brings together a comprehensive collection of traditional Irish dance music spanning from 1928-1963. Hall explains that much of the music collected on this album was made "largely as popular music for restricted sale to Irish country working-class people at home and in the ghettos in England and America". The album thus provides a privileged insight into music that was previously unheard by the larger public. Jolly jigs, melodic reels and hornpipes exemplify the genres of Irish dance music through the years. Liner notes include an introduction by Reg Hall, as well as information on the performers and songs themselves.

Track Listing

Up and Away / Mary Girl (medley) John McKenna, Michael Gaffney 3:09
Spike Island Lassies / Dowd's Favorite (medley) Paddy O'Brien 3:04
Brian O'Lynn / Rakes of Clonmel (medley) Joe Liddy, Ned O'Gorman, and Tommy Liddy 3:04
The First of May Packie Dolan & His Melody Boys 3:16
The Millpond / Mist on the Meadow (medley) The Lough Gill Quartet 3:13
The Shaskeen / Green Blanket (medley) The Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players 3:03
Dunmore Lassies / Manchester / Castlebar Traveler (medley) Tom Morrison and John Reynolds 3:06
The Carraroe / Lambert's (medley) The Ballinakill Traditional Dance Players 3:13
Johnny's Favorite / Thrush in the Morning (medley) Peter Guinan 3:10
The Boys of the Blue Hill / Stack of Wheat (medley) Pat Roche's Harp and Shamrock Orchestra 3:22
The Joy of My Life / The Banks of Lough Gowna (medley) Michael Grogan and Patrick Carberry 3:01
Jenny Picking Cockles / Kitty in the Lane / Cottage Grove (medley) Jimmy Power and Reg Hall 4:02
Ginger's Favorite / Bogs of Allen (medley) Michael J. Cashin 2:53
The Ash Plant / Merry Harriers / Hut in the Bog (medley) Joe Liddy, Ned O'Gorman, and Tommy Liddy 3:20