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Israeli Vocal and Instrumental Music

Various Artists
Israeli Vocal and Instrumental Music

Conceived and produced by Professor Robin J. Heifetz, director of the Centre for Experimental Music at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, this recording is a collection of six compositions, each by a different composer, written between 1975 and 1983. Although the music is modern and experimental in tone and structure, several of the compositions draw upon Sephardic and Hebrew sources for inspiration. One composition of interest, “Lost Hope,” attempts to convey the sense of frustration and helplessness over the continual state of war in Israel and the Middle East. Liner notes provide brief biographical information about the composers and performers. This recording is also the last project edited and produced by Moses Asch, the founder of Folkways Records.

Track Listing

Castigas Sepharadies Betty Olivero 10:51
Leviathan Robin Julian Heifetz 4:05
Lost Hope Noa Guy 12:14
Ad Asher Joseph Mar-Chaim 5:15
Two Inventions Eitan Avitsur 4:24
For Henry Moore's Elephant Skull Etchings (1382) Joan Williams 8:42