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The Ghana Language

Ivan Annan
The Ghana Language The official language of the West African nation of Ghana is English. However, the Ga language is spoken by many of the native peoples of the country. This recording, produced by Ivan Annan in 1964, is an introduction to Ga for English speakers traveling in Ghana and for others who may be interested in learning the language. Sharing languages, Annan hopes, will help promote intercultural understanding and connection. The album’s liner notes include English translations and transliterations.

Track Listing

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The Ga Language (Introduction) Common expressions- useful words and phrases Ivan Annan 05:26
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Pronouns and Numerals: Greetings and Responses: Words in the Home; in the Market Ivan Annan 08:18
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Asking Directions: the Numerals: Telling Time; the Hours, the Days of the Week Ivan Annan 13:34
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Common Questions and Answers: Asking Directions Ivan Annan 06:54
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Domestic Animals: Human Anatomy Ivan Annan 06:01
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Family, The Further Common Expressions Ivan Annan 07:35