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Hopi Tales

Hopi Tales

Radio and television actor Jack Moyles (1913–1979) performs these spoken-word stories of the Hopi people, which were taken from People of the Short Blue Corn written by folklorist and anthropologist Harold Courlander (1908–1996). The stories mention Oraibi, a Hopi settlement in northern Arizona which is said to have been inhabited by the Hopi people for more than 800 years. Other topics of these stories are descriptions of migration, settling and abandoning of villages, the creation of the human race, and animal stories (especially involving the coyote). Liner notes include a history of the Hopi people.

Track Listing

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Sun Callers Jack Moyles 4:11
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Coyote's Needle Jack Moyles 2:20
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Honwyma and the Bear Fathers of Tokoanaue Jack Moyles 19:08
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Journey to the Land of the Dead Jack Moyles 23:04