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The Legend of Tom Dula and Other Tragic Love Ballads

The Legend of Tom Dula and Other Tragic Love Ballads

Folk singer Sheila Clark sings songs of tragic love. The first four songs of the set tell the story of Tom Dula and the murder of Laura Foster, who may have been his fiancé. The title song “The Legend of Tom Dula,” is the best-known, due in part by the 1958 folk hit “Tom Dooley,” made famous by the Kingston Trio. The five remaining songs include several Child ballads (“House Carpenter” and “The False Knight”). Clark sings and plays guitar with instrumental backup by David Johnson. The liner notes, written by album producer John R Craig, provide information about the legend of Tom Dula and complete lyrics for all the songs.

Track Listing

The Ballad of Tom Dula Sheila Clark 3:47
The Ballad of Laura Foster Sheila Clark 9:15
Cold, Cold Ground Sheila Clark 4:18
Tom Dula's Own Ballad Sheila Clark 2:00
House Carpenter Sheila Clark 5:17
Come All Ye Fair Ladies Sheila Clark 2:43
Silver Dagger Sheila Clark 2:32
The Jealous Lover Sheila Clark 3:22
The False Knight Sheila Clark 5:20