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The World Music Theatre of Jon Appleton

The World Music Theatre of Jon Appleton

This 1974 recording by electro-acoustic music composer Jon Appleton is designed to take the listener to different musical landscapes. Appleton notes differences in context that will make the music more and less effective (“not everything I intended will be heard by the listener because no two listeners share the same aural experiences…because we are continually expanding our aural vocabulary, the sounds used assume a different significance as time passes”). Liner notes contain a brief description and insight for each piece, meant to be read “only after the pieces have been heard.”

Track Listing

Chef d'Oeuvre Jon Appleton 2:28
Apolliana Jon Appleton 5:19
Sones de San Blas Jon Appleton 4:42
Nevsehir Jon Appleton 6:32
C.C.C.P. Jon Appleton 5:14
Hommage to Orpheus Jon Appleton 3:14
Ofa Atu Tonga Jon Appleton 2:59
Times Square Times Ten Jon Appleton 9:08