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Mexico: Days of Struggle

Judith Reyes
Mexico: Days of Struggle On October 2, 1968, police opened fire on peaceful demonstrators in the Plaza de las Tres Culturas (Plaza of the Three Cultures) in Mexico City: estimates vary from dozens to hundreds killed. In the ballad “Tragedia de las Plazas Tres Culturas” and other corridos, political activist Judith Reyes recounts the struggles of Mexico’s students, working class, the poor, and indigenous people to change an unjust system. The liner notes provide background information about the people’s causes during the 1960s—land reform, state violence, exploitation and income inequality. Song lyrics are printed in Spanish and English.

Track Listing

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La Salinidad (The Salt Invasion) Judith Reyes 04:07
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Corrido de Arturo Gamez (Corrido of Arturo Gamez) Judith Reyes 05:42
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Corrido de Santo Domingo (The peasants of Sanchez Lozoya) Judith Reyes 03:41
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Los Niños Trabajadores (Corrido of the Working Children) Judith Reyes 05:45
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Gorilita, Gorilon (Little "gorilla," big "gorilla") Judith Reyes 03:16
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La Ocupación Militar de la Universidad (Corrido of the Occupied University) Judith Reyes 05:58
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Canción del Politecnico (Song of Polytechnic Institute) Judith Reyes 02:50
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Tragedia de la Plaza de las Tres Culturas (Tragedy of Plaza of the Three Cultures) Judith Reyes 05:31
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Marcha de los Caidos (March of the Fallen Dead) Judith Reyes 02:22