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Songs of Fire: Songs of a Lesbian Anarchist

Songs of Fire: Songs of a Lesbian Anarchist

Kathy Fire, self-proclaimed lesbian anarchist, used her songs to fight battles (many of which are still being fought today): of labels like "lady, dyke, commie, sinner, and crazy," of "this woman’s game," of conforming to the limitations of "mainstream America." This singer-songwriter-guitarist uses her musical voice, modeled on the tradition of American folk ballad singing, to make plain her political persuasion and anti-authoritarian ideals. She challenges, "Will you coldly close yourself off from change and life, will you flow along like water with everything and challenge nothing, or will the flames of truth and justice rise up in you to make your anger a force for freedom in the world?"

Track Listing

Crazy Kathy Fire 3:48
City on Fire Kathy Fire 4:07
Goodnight Children Kathy Fire 4:04
Icy Winds Kathy Fire 4:25
I Want to Come Like a Lady Kathy Fire 3:04
Kara Kathy Fire 5:02
Whethermen Song Kathy Fire 3:59
Poetry Kathy Fire 4:24
Mother Rage Kathy Fire 4:25