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Arabic Songs and Dances

Arabic Songs and Dances

On this 1974 album, Egyptian oud virtuoso and professor Khamis El Fino Ali performs eight love songs. El Fino Ali is famous for perfecting two styles: taksimes and tagheer. Taksimes refers to slow and free rhythm improvisations, and tagheer means changing from one nagham (tone scale) to another. Arabic Songs and Dances was originally released as a two-album set with four songs on each album. Liner notes include Arabic lyrics of each song, along with some English translations.

Track Listing

Halewa Yabuya (She's Beautiful!) Khamis El Fino Ali 3:52
Tul Ya Gamara Tuli (Come to the Window) Khamis El Fino Ali 4:06
Selim, Selim Ya Habibi (Greetings, Greetings My Darling) Khamis El Fino Ali 4:14
Yelli Yelli (My Heart Belongs to You) Khamis El Fino Ali 5:40
Awag el Tageya (The Fellow with His Cap Askew) Khamis El Fino Ali 4:00
Asmar Ya Halewa (Dark Pretty Girl) Khamis El Fino Ali 3:56
El Ein f'il Ein (When Our Eyes Meet) Khamis El Fino Ali 5:08
Selimni Alei (Say Hello for Me) Khamis El Fino Ali 3:47