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Egyptian Nights: Music for Belly Dancing

Egyptian Nights: Music for Belly Dancing

Belly dancing has been defined as “solo, improvised dances based on torso articulation”. Although the exact origins of belly dancing are lost to history, there is no denying that the music of Egypt is a perfect accompaniment to this exotic form of folk and performance dance. In this recording, Egyptian musician Khamis El Fino Ali sings and plays the oud (a pear shaped 12-string instrument) on his compositions. His songs reflect the passions and moods of love. Recorded in Cairo, Egypt in 1975, Ali is accompanied by the Mohamed Madi Orchestra.

Track Listing

Ya Habib Al Ruih (Darling of My Heart) Khamis El Fino Ali 4:35
Ya Za'ra (Mawal)(The Gardener) Khamis El Fino Ali 4:51
Min awal Nazarah (From the First Glance) Khamis El Fino Ali 6:48
Leh Hil Amar (My Love is Gone) Khamis El Fino Ali 9:03
Ezzai Ansak (How Could I Forget You?) Khamis El Fino Ali 6:22
Ya Mayssa (Oh, Mayssa) Khamis El Fino Ali 5:02
Essal Aleik (I've Been Asking About You) Khamis El Fino Ali 8:35
Yelli Sakin (Come Live in My Heart) Khamis El Fino Ali 6:42