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Lucy Stewart: Traditional Singer from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Vol. 1 - Child Ballads

Lucy Stewart
Lucy Stewart: Traditional Singer from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, Vol. 1 - Child Ballads Folklorist Kenneth Goldstein recorded these nine ballads by Scotland singer Lucy Stewart in her own home and under relatively natural conditions (the children were shooed away). Goldstein writes in the liner notes that Stewart's singing was "exceedingly spirited, fast paced and fragmentary. That is, in the course of conversation she would suddenly break into song, singing one or two verses, unless prodded to finish the piece." Over the course of the year Goldstein spent with the Stewart family, he recorded 175 songs from Lucy Stewart alone—and Stewart was the only member of her family to not read any music or play an instrument! Liner notes include explanations from Goldstein, photographs of Lucy Stewart singing, and song lyrics.

Track Listing

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The Battle O' Harlaw - Child 163 Lucy Stewart 06:17
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Two Pretty Boys - The Two Brothers - Child 49 Lucy Stewart 03:43
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Tifty's Annie - Child 233 Lucy Stewart 04:37
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The Laird O' Drum - Child 236 Lucy Stewart 05:21
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Doon by the Greenwood Sidie O - Cruel Mother, The - Child 20 Lucy Stewart 05:11
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Beggar King, The - Child 279 Lucy Stewart 03:19
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Bonnie Hoose O' Airlie, The - Bonnie House O' Airlie, The - Lucy Stewart 04:33
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Barbary Allen -Barbara Allen - Child 84 Lucy Stewart 03:04
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Swan Swims So Bonnie O, The - Two Sisters, The - Child 10 Lucy Stewart 03:40