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It's Cool

It's Cool

The vinyl 7" is a pre-order item that will ship on or around release date of March 6, 2020. All vinyl pre-orders will receive an immediate digital download.
The two brand new songs on It’s Cool, the new single by Lula Wiles, explore the complexities of dating in the digital age, the trio training its incisive, trenchant wit on the new ways we experience age-old feelings of disappointment, desire, and heartache. “It’s Cool (We’re Cool, Everything’s Cool),” is a rollicking, electric-guitar led anthem about the exasperating back-and-forth of loving at a distance, mediated by screens and hesitancy. The languid, lovelorn b-side, “You Only Want Me When You Need Me,” is a late-night, country-tinged lament of conditional love that punctures the pretensions of ambivalent men with the band’s uniquely self-aware humor. With It’s Cool, Lula Wiles further establishes themselves as Americana’s wildcard, unafraid of exploring knotty topics and turning convention on its head.

Track Listing

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It's Cool (We're Cool, Everything's Cool) 3:40
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You Only Want Me When You Need Me 5:16