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Minority Owned Record Enterprises


Minority Owned Record Enterprises

M.O.R.E. (Minority Owned Record Enterprises) was a homegrown label founded by Roberto Martínez that produced dozens of recordings. These Included 45s, cassettes, and CDs featuring Mariachi favorites in familiar arrangements of guitarra, requinto, vihuela, guitarrón, violín and trompeta (guitar, soprano, rhythm, and bass guitars, violin and trumpet), as well as the lyrical New Mexican violin style. The collection has hundreds of tracks and remains an important icon of New Mexican heritage. The M.O.R.E. collection is now part of the Smithsonian Folkways and has been available online since 2009.

A few recordings from M.O.R.E. Click here for more.

Al Estilo de Trio by Las Mananitas Guadalupanas
Al Estilo de Trio
Las Mañanitas Guadalupanas
MORE00841 (2007)
Los Reyes de Albuquerque en Washington, DC - 1992
Los Reyes de Albuquerque en Washington, DC - 1992
Los Reyes de Albuquerque
MORE00818 (1992)
Sabor Nuevo Mexicano by Los Reyes de Albuquerque
Sabor Nuevo Mexicano
Los Reyes de Albuquerque
MORE00812 (1989)
Ambos by Lorenzo Martinez
Lorenzo Martínez
MORE00807 (1977)
El Redondo Largo by Lorenzo Martinez con Los Reyes de Albuquerque
El Redondo Largo
Lorenzo Martínez con Los Reyes de Albuquerque
MORE08027 (1975)