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Teaching Reading in the Elementary School

Morris Schreiber
Teaching Reading in the Elementary School In this recording from 1964, educator Morris Schreiber, with assistance from the University Players, creates a scenario in which children from different socio-economic backgrounds approach the task of learning to read in elementary school. Schreiber’s presentation focuses on the challenges faced by teachers of students with different levels of reading ability. He offers tips on how parents can assist teachers and other school officials with their reading programs. The complete transcript is included in the liner notes.

Track Listing

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Reading in the Primary Grades 1. Building Reading Readiness Morris Schreiber 08:02
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READING IN THE PRIMARY GRADES 2. Building the Basic Reading Skills Morris Schreiber 20:56
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The Mid-Point - ACHIEVEMENTS AND EXPECTATIONS 1. Taking Stock and Planning for the Future Morris Schreiber 03:32
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READING IN THE ELEMENTARY GRADES 2.An Illustrative Reading Lesson- Grade 4 [see pg. 2] Morris Schreiber 15:23
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PARENTS AND THE READING PROGRAM 3. How Parents Can Assist the School Morris Schreiber 04:49