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Music of a Timeless Earth

Various Artists
Music of a Timeless Earth

This 1980 album features compositions by Barton McLean, Charles Gruber, Gene Menger, and Catherine Schieve that present “several highly individualistic approaches to the combination of cultures in sound.” Influences from electronic music, from notation systems that can “translate” sounds and gestures from the human and natural worlds, and music based on non-Western oral and pre-literate tradition combine to inspire these works. Liner notes contain an introduction to the album by Barton McLean and notes on individual tracks from the composers of the pieces.

Track Listing

Mysteries from the Ancient Nahuatl-Excerpts Barton McLean 12:45
Ranjo Charles Gruber 4:19
Welcome Rain In Banana Grove Gene Menger 7:44
Serpentine Catherine Schieve 11:09
Mablick Catherine Schieve 8:20
Goryu Charles Gruber 5:30