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Music of Morocco

Various Artists
Music of Morocco

Recorded in 1966, Music of Morocco gives a snapshot of everyday music, both secular and religious, among various ethnic groups. The Berbers, Aissawa, Gnawa, and Haha sing in Arabic and regional languages and play a variety of instruments, including the tarija (pottery drum), awad (flute), rhaita (oboe), kamenja (violin), and guinbri (3–string guitar). Liner notes provide historical background on the groups and describe the style and context for each song.

Track Listing

Aissawa Dancers Musicians and dancers at the 'Amara of Sidi Kassem 3:39
Gnawa Dancers Gnawa performers in Marrakesh 5:28
Music of the Haha Tribe Haha and Essaouira performers at the Aachor celebrations in Essaaouira 4:08
Toqtoqa Jabalia Performers in a café in Tetuan 7:11
Haouzia Music Men and women at a private party in Marrakesh 3:24
Ahouache from Tata Twenty small girls and four women with drummers in the village Agadir Lehenne 5:48
Toqtoqa from Sidi Kassem Musicians with boy dancers 5:12
Aissawa Procession Aissawa musicians at the Moussem of Tamesloht 4:21
Ahouache Dyal Telatenouss Male performers at the Moussem of Mouley Ibrahim 2:33
Ahouache Dyal Telatenouss, 2nd Selection Male performers at the Moussem of Mouley Ibrahim 3:42