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Tuareg Music of the Southern Sahara

Various Artists
Tuareg Music of the Southern Sahara album cover
Tuareg Music of the Southern Sahara product shot

New vinyl reissue remastered from the original 1960s master tapes, packaged in classic Folkways-style tip-on jackets with original liner notes.

In the 21st century, the music of the Tuareg people, a diverse group spread across the Sahara encompassing Mali, Niger, and beyond, has reached an unprecedented international audience. Groups including Bombino, Mdou Moctar, Tinariwen, and Les Filles de Illighadad have incorporated the mesmerizing, repetitious qualities of the region’s folk music into rollicking, full-band rock and roll, bringing countless new ears to these styles developed in the African desert. Tuareg Music of the Southern Sahara, originally released on Folkways in 1960, traces the origins of these sounds and styles, focusing on the ecstatic vocalizations and singing accompanied by sparse instrumentation. These raw, extemporaneous recordings offer a glimpse at the musical traditions dating back hundreds of years from many tribes and localities from throughout the Sahel.

This reissue is part of the Smithsonian Folkways Vinyl Reissue Series, bringing to light hidden gems from the extensive collection and revisiting some of the most iconic and influential albums released by the label. We are offering Tuareg Music of the Southern Sahara along with the vinyl reissues of Gambian Griot Kora Duets, and Calypso Ballads as a Vinyl Bundle with Bonus Folkways Slipmat.

Track Listing

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Azale Tuareg women of the Tamesguidda tribe 03:10
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Tohimo Dance Tuareg women of the Kel Issekeneren 02:28
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Ezzel N Oufada Aoua Etteb Ales Ou N Abaradh Tuareg musicians 03:11
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Tarakemt Tuareg musicians 03:32
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Chikishikishin Tuareg musicians 02:44
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Azel Oua N Kel Owi Tuareg imzhad musician 02:27
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Song of the Enaden Tuareg man of the Enaden caste from Damergu 02:52
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Hunting Song Tuareg man from Damergu 02:12
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Camel Song Tuareg women from Damergu 02:26
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Ilougan Tuareg men and women of the Kel Issekeneren 02:49
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Wedding Song of the Kel Issekeneren Women of the Kel Issekeneren 03:06
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Arouia Idaoua Ouf Emri Enaden of the Kel Issekeneren 06:39
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Tazenkharet Tuareg women and Harratin (Africans) from Idlès 04:05