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Jewish Freilach Songs

Jewish Freilach Songs

Freilach is a Yiddish expression that means "happy" or "cheerful," and is commonly used to refer to a form of music. On Jewish Freilach Songs, Nathan "Prince" Nazaroff sings classic Jewish folk songs from Eastern Europe―such as the well-known "Tumbalalaika" and "Vander Ich Mir Lustig" (While I'm Happily Walking), with its very familiar melody―accompanying himself on the accordion and the octofone (a mandolin-like string instrument).

Liner notes include song lyrics in their original Yiddish and in the Hebrew transliteration as well as their English translation.

Track Listing

Vander Ich Mir Lustig (While I'm Happily Walking) Nathan "Prince" Nazaroff 3:07
Tumbalalaika Nathan "Prince" Nazaroff 3:02
Ihr Fregt Mich Vos Ich Troier (You Ask Me Why I'm Mournful?) Nathan "Prince" Nazaroff 3:24
Arum Dem Feier (Around the Fire) Nathan "Prince" Nazaroff 3:12
Freilachs Medley of Freilachs Nathan "Prince" Nazaroff 3:01
Maidlach Vie Blumen (Girls Are Like Flowers) Nathan "Prince" Nazaroff 2:54
Der Koptzen (The Poor Man) Nathan "Prince" Nazaroff 1:02
Fishalach (Little Fish) [also known as Fisherlid (Fisherman's Song)] Nathan "Prince" Nazaroff 2:26
Ich a Mazeldicker Yid (Oh, Am I a Mazeldicker Mazeldicker Jew) Nathan "Prince" Nazaroff 2:00