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New American Music, Vol. 2

Various Artists
New American Music, Vol. 2

Trumpets and trombones twist through dense pockets of sound in Lucia Dlugoszewski “Angels of the Inmost Heaven”; the voice of a lone guitarist punctures the silence in James Fulkerson’s “Patterns” II and VII; flute, bassoons, viola and vibraphone are intended to “turn some dancers on” in Carman Moore’s “Youth in a Merciful House”; and a guitarist laments to the hum of an Elizabethan-type string and woodwind consort in Stanley Silverman’s “Planh.” This is a thoughtfully balanced collection of new music composed during the 1970s.

Track Listing

Angels of the Inmost Heaven Lucia Dlugoszewski 8:30
Patterns II James Fulkerson 6:08
Patterns VII James Fulkerson 7:37
Youth in a Merciful House Carman Moore 11:56
Planh Stanley Silverman 9:24