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    Folkways Tracks Back on Wax!

    In celebration of its 70th anniversary, Smithsonian Folkways is revisiting its unrivaled collection and selecting some of its most influential recordings for long-awaited vinyl reissue. The Smithsonian Folkways Vinyl Reissue Series offers fans and collectors a chance to own these masterpiece albums—meticulously redesigned from original prints and materials, photos, and remastered from original LP master tapes by GRAMMY-award winning sound engineer Pete Reiniger. Each limited reissue also features the classic black textured Folkways tip-on style album jackets and the liner notes booklet that was included in the initial release.

    The Smithsonian Folkways Vinyl Reissue Series begins on July 27th with a triplet of pioneering releases from the label:

    Pre-orders are now available on our website. For a limited time, purchase all three as a bundle to receive a complimentary Folkways slipmat!

    Folkways Tracks Back on Wax! | Smithsonian Folkways Recordings