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Palicour Indians of the Arucua River in Brazil

Various Artists
Palicour Indians of the Arucua River in Brazil

"The Palicuour of the Arawak family now living along the Oyapok river in two locations, one in French Guiana and the other in Brazil have become acculturated and integrated into the Creole-society. They still maintain and practice distinct cultural traits that make them unique from other indigenous peoples in South America..."

David Blair Stiffler

"Os Palicoues, pertencem à família Arawak que vivem na margem do Rio Oyapok em duas localidades, uma em Guiana Francesa e outra em Brasil, se tornaram comunidades influenciadas culturamente e integradas com a Sociedade Criola. Eles ainda mantêm e praticam tradições culturais que os diferenciam das outros sociedades indígena da América do Sul..."

David Blair Stiffler

"Los Palicours, pertenecientes a la familia Arawak y que viven actualmente a lo largo del río Oyapok en dos localidades, una en la Guyana Francesa y la otra en el Brasil, son comunidades aculturadas e integradas a la sociedad criolla. Ellos aún mantienen y practican distintas tradiciones culturales que los hacen únicos y diferentes de otras sociedades indígenas de América del Sur..."

David Blair Stiffler

Track Listing

Yagni bata keh Male and female singers 1:27
Iata ino tah Male and female singers 0:47
Nab ba tek - Frere Jacques Male and female singers 1:30
Je Sus Male and female singers 1:16
Bai cam be Aquis Male and female singers 0:51
Tain gah Male singer 1:39
Yo mah wa yo tainay - Wave on the Atlantic Ocean Antonio Querta and Emilio Martes 1:38
Ya pah-ka toh nay, Sa-oul - The Otter Catches Fish for Food with His Son Antonio Querta and Emilio Martes 2:30
Nam penya gnay - Building Animal Pens Antonio Querta and Emilio Martes 0:53
Maria ka toh Male and female singers 0:45
Mainga Mainga Male and female singers 1:29
Nango Nango Male and female singers 1:39
Kanga manta Male and female singers 1:33
Kainding Gah oo Male and female singers 1:36
Kasa Manga Male and female singers 1:03
Kaya Toh Num Male and female singers 2:04
Walk at Night in Palicour Village of Tipoche Male and female singers 2:31