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Banks of Marble and Other Songs

Banks of Marble and Other Songs

Pete Seeger (1919–2014) had a long and productive career as a folksinger and social activist—he was a giant of our time. And overall, he appears on an astonishing total of 123 Smithsonian Folkways recordings.

This recording might be described as an experiment. Seeger linked up with musically astute Fred Hellerman (a former colleague in the Weavers) to explore the use of multitrack recording using Hellerman’s eight-track tape recorder. The rich, multilayered sound not usually heard on Seeger’s other recordings comes from several tracks played simultaneously. Seeger gives Hellerman credit: “If the record is good, large credit should go to Fred, who mixed the masters, had suggestions on songs and arrangements, and filled in here and there with accompaniment.” Other friends and relatives also join in.

The songs selected are quite varied; as Seeger says, “The songs are a funny combination of ones I’ve known all my life, ones I’ve picked up on travels and ones I’ve put together during the past few years.”

The recording is in stereo. Liner notes describe the background of the recording and provide the song lyrics.

Track Listing

Hell's Canyon / Don't Ask What a River is For Pete Seeger 3:05
God Bless the Grass Pete Seeger 2:05
Joy and Temperance Pete Seeger 1:15
The Young Woman Who Swallowed a Lie Pete Seeger 3:31
Two Chinese Songs: Three Rules of Discipline and Eight Rules of Attention / White Haired Girl (medley) Pete Seeger 3:26
Estadio Chile Pete Seeger 2:51
Well May the World Go Pete Seeger 2:43
Banks of Marble Pete Seeger 4:20
This is a Land Pete Seeger 1:11
Garbage Pete Seeger 2:57
My Father's Mansions Pete Seeger 2:09
Precious Friend Pete Seeger 2:22
Pigtown Fling Pete Seeger 1:26
Quite Early Morning Pete Seeger 4:15