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Rumanian Songs and Dances

Various Artists
Rumanian Songs and Dances

In his introduction to Rumanian Songs and Dances, noted folklorist A. L. Lloyd writes: "This record introduces what is perhaps the most remarkably complete folk music tradition in Europe—the folk music of Rumania." One traditional instrument heard on the album is the tulnic, a Transylvanian alphorn made of a fir tree that can reach up to nine feet in length. Also included are examples of Romanian musical forms such as the doina, a "highly ornamented, freely-improvised melody" that was studied extensively by Béla Bartók. At times, an ordinary pear-leaf pressed tightly between one’s lips creates melody, as in "Leaf Doina." Liner notes include descriptions of each track, Romanian culture, and featured instruments, as well as photographs of some of the musicians and instruments.

Track Listing

Songs and Tunes: New Year's Carol Ilie Cazacu, Capra dancer, band from Fundul Moldovei 0:58
Songs and Tunes: Bocet Thirty-four-year-old Elisabeta Pavel of Girisu Negru, Crisana 1:21
Songs and Tunes: Wedding Song Master-of-ceremonies, wedding guests from Lapugiu de Jos, Padureni 2:15
Songs and Tunes: Shepherd's Song Nineteen-year-old Iosana Bud from Vidra de Mijloc, Huedin 0:59
Songs and Tunes: The Lost and Found Flock Village priest Neculae Tafta from Negrilesti, Vrancea 2:25
Songs and Tunes: Doina from Oas Fifty-three-year-old Maria Sas from Negrilesti 1:28
Songs and Tunes: Leaf Doina Twenty-nine-year-old Florica Mîzgoi from Batrîni, Muntenia 1:28
Songs and Tunes: Doina from Gorj Maria Lataretu, Barbu Lautaru folk orchestra of Bucharest 2:28
Songs and Tunes: Ballad of Iovan Iorgovan Thirty-nine-year-old Mihai Constantin, Stan Gruia 2:40
Songs and Tunes: Hey, My Proud One Eighteen-year-old Maria Taut from Leordina, Maramures 2:06
Songs and Tunes: Go My Longing Magdalena Biriescu, Ion Luca Banateanu, west Rumanian folk band 3:08
Songs and Tunes: Give Me Your Eyes Florica Mîzgoi from Batrîni, Muntenia 1:20
Jocs and Dances: Slanicul Marin Toma from Victoria, Galati 1:09
Jocs and Dances: Braul Seventy-two-year-old Ion Petecila of Batrîni, Teleajen 1:04
Jocs and Dances: Ungureasca Gica Nitoi, Ion Nitoi, and Ion Doroghean of Bughea de Sus, Pitesi 1:19
Jocs and Dances: Joc from Oas Seventeen-year-old Stefan Olar and fourteen-year-old Petre Huta of Huta Certeze 2:08
Jocs and Dances: Ardeleana Dancers, thirty-nine-year-old Moise Zepa of Dobîca, Hunedoara 1:21
Jocs and Dances: Arcanul Band from Fundul Moldovel 1:31
Jocs and Dances: Braul Forty-three-year-old Iosif Milu, Folk Orchestra of the Rumanian Radio 2:19
Jocs and Dances: Oltenian Dances Giulesti Ensemble, professional folk musicians of Bucarest 4:59
Jocs and Dances: Joc from Oas Professional folk musicians of Bucarest 5:21