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Sidi Goma in concert

Sidi Goma
Sidi Goma is a group of African Indian Sidis from Bharuch District in the state of Gujarat. Sidi Goma present a range of Sidi music and dance adapted from the participational rituals in the central shrine to their African saints. Among the genres they perform is the damal dance also known as goma. The Remembered Rhythms tour of seven Indian cities organised by the Archives and Research Centre for Ethnomusicology of the American Institute of Indian Studies was the first presentation of Sidi Goma's full length program.

Track Listing

Avale Bismillah (Baithi damal ritual song) Sidi Goma 11:02  
Salmini Salmini Sidi Goma 04:30  
Jangbari Happa Gema Sidi Goma 03:41