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Interview with Sir Edmund Hillary: Mountain Climbing

Sir Edmund Hillary
Interview with Sir Edmund Hillary: Mountain Climbing What if you were the first man on the top of the world? On May 29, 1953, Edmund Hillary scaled the peak of Mount Everest, becoming an instant celebrity. In honor of his achievement, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. In this interview with Howard Langer, Hillary discusses the Everest expedition as well as other topics, such as the merits of women climbers, the personality of an ideal climber, and the possibility of an abominable snowman. Liner notes include a transcription of the interview and general information about mountaineering.

Track Listing

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Introduction Sir Edmund Hillary 01:45
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Dangers of Mountain Climbing / Equipment / Techniques Sir Edmund Hillary 10:45
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The Everest Expedition Sir Edmund Hillary 02:29
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The Everest Expedition (continued): Manpower, Terrain, and the Final Assault Sir Edmund Hillary 08:17
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The Abominable Snowman / Women Mountain Climbers / Mountain Climbing Personalities Sir Edmund Hillary 08:40