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Southeast Alaska Folk Tradition, Vol. 2: Stampede and Settlement, 1898-1941

Various Artists
Southeast Alaska Folk Tradition, Vol. 2: Stampede and Settlement, 1898-1941

This album, recorded in 1980, includes retellings of colorful episodes from Alaskan history, piano rags, blues, Native chants, and more. Selections highlight the diversity of peoples and traditions that met as the region was being explored, exploited, and settled. The three-part series—"a cultural history of Southeast Alaska in music and song and conversation"―was collected and arranged by John Ingalls and Barry Roderick. The liner notes include a detailed timeline, historical images, and information about each track.

Track Listing

Stampede: Skaguay Vamp / Life on the Railroad (medley) John Wilson and Steve Hites 4:04
Stampede: Stroller White's Account / Battleship Maine (medley) Walter Krauss, John Wilson, Bob Shorey, Tony Terniconi, and Barry Roderick 2:13
Stampede: Stroller White's Account / Diary of a Stampeder / Soapy Smith (medley) Walter Krauss and Roger Johnson 4:30
Stampede: Lady of the Chilkoot Teri Tibbett 3:56
Stampede: Diggin' Steve Hites 5:09
Stampede: New's of the Nineties / Front Porch (medley) Jim Gordon and Dan Hopson 3:12
Settlement: Pioneers' Conversation and Chimes / Cheechako (medley) Oso and Lonesome Pete, Kathy Hazard, Rob Bosworth, and Sue Kilka 3:19
Settlement: Squarehead Story / Norwegian Seaman / Juneau Jig (medley) Lonesome Pete, Bev Rawson, Karen House, Sandy Rowland, Dan Hopson, and Martha Covington 5:10
Settlement: Aana Hei / Chaplin's Adventure (medley) Vesta Johnson, Wally Johnson, and Russ Sandstorm 3:04
Settlement: Po Breng Alindahaw / Renaissance Song (medley) Manuel Corrillo and Steve Hites 5:13
Settlement: Henry Davis Diary / Squaws Along the Yukon (medley) Walter Krauss and Steve Hites 1:55
Settlement: Henry Davis Diary / Old Trapper's Den (medley) Walter Krauss and Bob Pavitt 2:51
Settlement: Old Man of the Sea Bev Rawson 3:25