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Ameridian Music of Chile: Aymara, Qaqashqar, Mapuche

Various Artists
Ameridian Music of Chile: Aymara, Qaqashqar, Mapuche

In Chile today there are three indigenous groups who are direct descendants from pre-Hispanic dwellers of America: the Aymara, the Qawashqar (also called Alakaluf), and the Mapuche (also called Araucanian). The Aymara inhabit the Andean mountains and Altiplano located in Chile’s two most northern provinces, Tarapaca and Antofagasta; the Qawashqar are one of the oldest of the original inhabitants of the southernmost region of this planet, the Tierra del Fuego; the Mapuche live mainly in the region called "the Frontier" or the "Araucania" in central Chile, located in the provinces of Malleco and Cantín.

En Chile existen tres grupos indígenas que son descendientes directos de los habitantes prehispánicos de América: los aymara, los qawashqar (también llamados alakaluf) y los mapuches (también llamados araucanos). Los aymara habitan las cumbre andinas y el altiplano localizados en Tarapaca y Antofagasta, las dos provincias chilenas que están ubicadas más al norte; los qawashqar son unos de los más antiguos habitantes de la región más austral del planeta, la Tierra de Fuego; los mapuche viven principalmente en la región llamada " la frontera" o la "Araucania" en el centro de Chile, localizada en las provincias de Malleco y Cantín.

Track Listing

Solo on the Pinqalyo / Sumirumansanisa Francisco Challapa Chamaca 1:40
Solo on the Bandola/ Romero, Romero / Sahsalye Juan Sequndo Mamani, Eugenio Challapa Challapa 2:30
Solo on the tara / Tata San Juan Francisco Challapa Chamaca, Eugenio Challapa Challapa 3:08
Tatasulya / Chulyumpe Francisco Challapa Chamaca, Juan Sequndo Mamani 2:44
Yarawa / Chichili / The Rain and the Cold / The Stag's Horn Alberto Achacaz, Unspecified, Teresa Paterito 2:10
Chichili / Arhasi / Lile Duck / Qorqwa Yerwa / Yeqchal / Kunchar Teresa Paterito, Rosa Ovando, José López 2:52
The Smoking Pipe / Carancho / Chichili / Toyaqa / The Sea Wolf José López, Margarita Molinari 2:27
Awaryana / Chichili Margarita Molinari 1:46
The Belly / Myth of Atqashap Margarita Molinari and José Lopez 2:44
Farewell Song / Joyful Song of Picaresque Theme Female singer, Juan Melinao 2:09
Song about Learning Female singer 2:20
Song accompanied with pantomime of the bird called choyke / Love Song Female singer, Male singer 2:29
Dream Song / Farewell Song Female singer 3:35
Proposal Song Male singer 2:23
Answer to Proposal / Trutruka Solo / Choyke Song Rosa Melivilo, Jorge Huera, María Paillalef 2:18
Song of Polygamy / Farewell Song Male singer, Juanita Alecoy 2:55
Marriage Quarrel Domingo Linconao 1:13
Farewell Song Female singer 2:41