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Music Time with Charity Bailey

Music Time with Charity Bailey

Singer and educator Charity Bailey, who was director of music at the progressive Little Red School House in New York City, offers a collection of songs aimed at a very young audience. Children from Sarah Lawrence Nursery School in New York City participated in the recordings. The traditional song “Brass Wagon,” sometimes known as “Bumping Up and Down in My Little Red Wagon,” appears as both a learning song and an activity. In other tracks children learn to listen to a quiet song and to clap the beat. Lyrics and instructions for all tracks are included in the liner notes.

Track Listing

Brass Wagon (A Learning Song) Charity Bailey 3:32
Brass Wagon (An Activity Song) Charity Bailey 1:51
Dormi, Mon Enfant (Listening to a Quiet Song) Charity Bailey 1:45
Missie Mouse (Clapping a Song) Charity Bailey 3:48
Toodala (A Make-Up Song) Charity Bailey 3:40