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Chile: Hispano-Chilean Metisse Traditional Music

Various Artists
Chile: Hispano-Chilean Metisse Traditional Music The traditional music of Chile is a vibrant and distinctive fusion of Spanish and indigenous cultures. This recording features music that falls into two functional categories: ceremonial and entertainment. Included are the music of cueca, the national dance of Chile, and a tonada, an example of an important style of Chilean singing, as well as examples of traditional regional music and dance: “Song of the Alfereces” (color-bearers) and “Dances of the Chinos” (servants of the divinities and saints). Performers employ voice and musical instruments ranging from European and native guitars to pifilca, the pre-Columbian flute. Liner notes include detailed analysis of each track and its significance within Chilean culture.

Track Listing

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Song of the Alféreces and Dances of the Chinos Guillermo Villalon, Oscar Villaon Vicencio 14:40
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Canto a lo Pueta / Versos por Historia Manuel and Eduardo Ulloa 09:07
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Danza Daniel Hidalgo, Manuel Hidalgo 05:05
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Lanchas Daniel Hidalgo, Manuel Hidalgo 05:26
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Cueca Olga Guzman, Juan Negrete 04:38
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Song of Delgadina Gabriela Pizzaro 05:18
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Tonada Graciela and Olga Freire 03:38