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The Poems of Heinrich Heine

Claire Luce
The Poems of Heinrich Heine German writer and poet Heinrich Heine (1797–1856) is best known for the pure lyricism of his poems. Rarely more than a few stanzas, they were written in such a way that each line is filled with emotion and imagery. The poems in this recording are read by the American stage actress Claire Luce. The liner notes include a transcription of each of the poems.

Track Listing

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My Love / When Two Who Love / Lonely Now / We Stood Upon a Corner Claire Luce 02:10
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Death Brings the End / Stars / Did Not My Pallid Face / Too Late Claire Luce 02:24
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What Drives You Out / I Am Helpless / Why Does this Lonely Tear-Drop / Don't Send Me Off Claire Luce 02:29
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When I Lie Down / These Gray Clouds / With Kisses / He Who for the First Time Loves / I Pace the Greenwood Claire Luce 02:39
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Death / Why Are All the Roses So Pale? / I Despaired / So Now / The World Is Dull Claire Luce 03:20
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Autumn Mists / I Will Not Mourn / Here's May Again! / Ah, I Long for Tears / A Star Claire Luce 03:30
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They Buried Him at the Crossroads / The World Is So Fair / What Lies / Were It Known / Have You Really Grown to Hate Me? / I Wept Claire Luce 03:31
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Every Morn / Shadow Love / In Memory / Love, When You Sink Claire Luce 02:34
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Sweet Desires / Stars with Golden Feet / The Violins / It Was in July Claire Luce 02:48
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How Deep / Now the Night / Listen / They're Having a Party / Heart, My Heart Claire Luce 02:59