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Conversations with North American Banjo Builders, Vol. 4: More North American Banjo Builders (DVD)

Craig Evans

Conversations with North American Banjo Builders is a 4-volume, 12-DVD series that includes 38 interviews with open-back banjo builders, historians, and retailers.  Each episode in the series devotes 20+ minutes to a single builder, and includes a personal statement, workshop tour, production information, and images of finished banjos.  The series covers a wide range of building styles, including gourd, minstrels, traditional, and modern.  Although construction techniques and philosophies may vary, the common thread uniting this series is the practice of banjo building as both art and craft.

Volume 4 features more North American banjo builders, such as: David Ball, Noah Booth, Glenn Carson, Randy Cordle, Jeff Delfield, Wyatt Fawley, Patrick Heavner, Dan Knowles, Jeff Kramer, Ken LeVan, Luke Mercier, and Mac Traynham.

Banjo Builders, Volume 4 Preview: Jeff Kramer

Patrick Heavner
Jeff Delfield
Jeff Kramer
Randy Cordle
David Ball
Glenn Carson
Mac Traynham
Luke Mercier
Ken LeVan
Dan Knowles
Noel Booth
Wyatt Fawley
John Bernunzio (DVD Extra)
George Gruhn (DVD Extra)