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CooP - Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 2, No. 4) Political Song

Various Artists
CooP - Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 2, No. 4) Political Song

“There is no such thing as a political song, only political singers.” While much had changed from the social-political protests of the 1960s to those of the early 1980s, folksingers remained a plentiful focal (and audio) point on the American musical landscape. But Jack Hardy mourned that most of these entertainers “have nothing to say.” You can be guaranteed that those on this compilation—including Sis Cunningham, Doug Waterman, Fred Small, Carole Rose Livingstone and Bob Norman—do have something to say...on people in power ruled by oil money, the diminishing natural resources and the Watergate scandal.

Track Listing

America David Indian and Mark Dann 4:55
Potter's Field Fresno Slim and Mark Dann 2:36
An Oil Derrick Out by West Tulsa Sis Cunningham, Paul Kaplan, and Ben Siebert 3:02
Free Man Doug Waterman, Janet Stecher, and Marcie Boyd 3:27
I Am a Friend of the Foetus Carole Rose Livingston and Mark Dann 2:41
Nothing David Massengill and Mark Dann 3:53
Chain of Love Late For Dinner 2:50
La Rosita de Broadway Bob Norman, Laura Liben, Jose Luis Pascual, Paul Kaplan, Jayne Spencer, Jon Stein, and Mark Dann 4:50
I Was Nixon's Plumber (or How I Cleaned the White House Toilets and Save America) Sherwood Ross and Mark Dann 2:38
Long Black Wall Michael Jerling, Bob Warren, and Teresina Huxtable 4:29
Everything is Possible Fred Small 4:00
Nineteen Miles from Shoreham Town Kirk Kelly 3:58
We Shall Stay Here Jon Stein, Jayne Spencer, and Mark Dann 2:50