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CooP - Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 2, No. 7)

Various Artists
CooP - Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 2, No. 7)

This album was the last collection of music issued by The CooP magazine, which was formally replaced by Fast Folk Musical Magazine in January 1984 (and continued to publish until 1997). This collection continues its focus on songs written and performed in the traditional folk style. Included is an early recording by Suzy Bogguss (identified as Suzy Bogus in the notes) singing "Dance to Your Daddy" and an early version of "Sister Real" by Elliott Murphy. Also in this collection is Richard Meyer, performing on 12-string guitar, singing his composition "Music Like the Wind" and a live performance of "Just Another War" with Lydia Davis on lead vocal. The final issue of The CooP is included with the collection.

Track Listing

Rock Breaks Scissors Tom McGhee, Mark Dann, Lucy Kaplansky, and Jack Hardy 3:21
Woman of the Road Lucy Kaplansky, Jack Hardy, and Mark Dann 4:26
Geza's Wailing Ways John Gorka and Mark Dann 3:53
Sister Real Elliott Murphy, Ernie Brooks, Tony Machine, and Mark Dann 4:23
Diavoli in Avido Amore Germana Pucci, Jill Burkee, Giancarlo Biagi, John Caulfield, Jeff Hardy, and Mark Dann 4:32
Music Like the Wind Richard Meyer and Jack Hardy 3:00
Holy Moses Hugh Blumenfeld and Mark Dann 3:12
Kilkelly Laura Burns, Roger Rosen, and Mark Dann 5:56
Dance to Your Daddy Suzy Bogguss, Lisa Smith, and Mark Dann 2:25
Down in Barbados The New England Express 4:14
Just Another War Lydia Davis, John Guth, Mark Dann, and chorus 4:52
The Man Who Built Carnegie Hall Elmer Hawkes and Mark Dann 2:33