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The World's Musical Traditions, Vol. 11: Vocal Music in Crete

Various Artists
The World's Musical Traditions, Vol. 11: Vocal Music in Crete

This album, produced and edited by Tullia Magrini, is the last in the acclaimed series produced by the International Institute for Traditional Music. It presents rare recordings of rizitika, mandinakhes, and tabakhaniotika made in Western Crete in 1977-1982. Sung by solosits and groups, sometimes with instrumental accompaniment, these song genres have a deep connection with traditional life and the history of Crete itself. Extensive annotations by renowned Italian ethnomusicologists, Tullia Magrini and Roberto Leydi, describe traditional Cretan vocal styles and the complex performance of the verse structures. Texts are given in Greek, with English translation. 72 minutes. 36-page booklet with extensive bibliography.

Track Listing

Omorfonios psikhomakhi Vassilis Kartsonakis, Grigoris Mathioudakis, and Manolis Kartsonakis 7:55
Khelidhonaki mou ghorgho Grigoris Mathioudakis, Vassilis Kartsonakis, and Manolis Kartsonakis 6:48
Levendi pou katevikes Nikiphoros Dimitroulakis leading choir 10:52
Kori ke nios epezane Grigoris & Georgios Nikiphorakis leading choir 9:30
Pote tha fiaksi o keros Sifis Kantilierakis and Stelios Lainakis 4:56
O Yoryis me ton arkhonda Eleftherios Ghieroulakis 2:26
Wedding-banquet in Polyrinia Grigoris Mathioudakis with choir of guests 6:08
Mandinadhes on kondilies Georgios Koutsourelis 6:32
Tzengas mandinadhes on Karagioules syrtos Kostantinos Faraggitakis 4:30
Dourou dourou Kostas Papadakis and Stelios Lainakis 2:48
Ta vasana mou kherome Stelios Phoustalierakis 4:38
Nememou and Filedem Nikolaos Sarimanolis, Kostas Papadakis, and Stelios Lainakis 5:43