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Electronic Music from the Outside In

Various Artists
Electronic Music from the Outside In

Electronic Music from the Outside In presents the experimental musical sounds of Barton and Priscilla McLean (The McLean Mix), Reed Holmes, and Kevin Hanlon as they explain how they seek to explore the extremes of music and sound. Each track begins with a spoken introduction about the reasoning and process behind the music. Both of the McLeans have won numerous awards and grants for their work in promoting and creating experimental music.

Track Listing

Heavy Music for Four Crowbars Barton McLean 19:53
The Sorcerer Revisited Barton McLean 16:13
Nova Reed Holmes 3:05
Through to the End of the Tunnel Kevin Hanlon 10:24
Night Images Priscilla McLean 12:11
Invisible Chariots Priscilla McLean 21:40