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Ellie Mao: An Anthology of Chinese Folk Songs

Ellie Mao: An Anthology of Chinese Folk Songs

In this charming collection of Chinese folk songs, Ellie Mao surveys the vast landscape of China’s music with her strong voice, from the Himilayas to the Pacific coast. These songs are often passed by word of mouth from generation to generation, sung in the fields, farmhouses, and festivals. Based on her understanding of Chinese culture, Ellie Mao works carefully to preserve the authenticity of the songs. Many of the songs featured in this anthology have appeared in various collections, but often have had no “public” performances, as “professional” folk singers had just begun to emerge in China at the time of this production. These songs were translated into the traditional Chinese dialect so that they could be more easily understood, but Ellie Mao provides listeners with the authentic Sichuanese dialect in several songs [Disc 2, tracks 1, 2, and 3]. The tracks of these albums provide small snapshots of the joy of life that pervades the spirit of the Chinese people, which can transcend the barriers of language.

在这张令人耳目一新的中国民歌合辑中,旅美音乐家毛爱立(注:曾用名:Ellie Mao,现用名:Ellie Mao Mok)用她震撼人心的嘹亮歌声展现了中国音乐从喜马拉雅山脉到太平洋沿岸不同的广袤图景。这些歌曲通常以口头传唱方式代代相传,主要演唱于田地、农场和节日中。毛爱立老师基于她对中国音乐的理解,努力展现了这些歌曲的原真性。这张选集中的许多歌曲曾出现在一些专辑中,但当时的中国才刚刚出现民歌歌手,所以这些歌曲从未在被公开演出过。为了让人们更好地理解这些音乐,它们曾被翻译成不同的方言,这里毛爱立老师用地道的四川话诠释了第二碟中的1、2、3曲目。它们跨越了语言的障碍为我们展现了中国人民精神深处对生活的歌颂。

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