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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 1, No. 4) Live at the Bottom Line

Various Artists
Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 1, No. 4) Live at the Bottom Line

Recorded in January 1984, this collection of songs is the first in a series of live performances that Fast Folk Musical Magazine recorded at the Bottom Line, a popular music venue in Greenwich Village.

Musical topics range from the serious to the satirical. The former include a song about the plight of whales (“Call Me the Whale” to the tune of “The Greenland Whale Fisheries” by Paul Kaplan) and the Civil War (“Incident at Ebenezer Creek” by Jack Hardy), as well as songs about the trials and tribulations of love (Carolyn McCombs, “Wasted Love,” and Christine Lavin performing a humorous “Regretting What I Said”). On the lighter side are “Howard Hughes Blughes” by Erik Frandsen and “Unemployment Rag” by Frank Christian. David Massengill’s iconic “The Great American Dream” closes this session. Several of the acoustic performances are supported by a house band of electric guitar, bass, and drums.

This recording includes the 20-page facsimile of the magazine.

Track Listing

Montchanin Tom Intondi, Jack Hardy, Lucy Kaplansky, and Rod MacDonald 2:51
Open All Night Lucy Kaplansky 4:21
Unemployment Rag Frank Christian 3:28
Incident at Ebenezer Creek Jack Hardy 6:18
Regretting What I Said Christine Lavin 3:02
American Jerusalem Rod MacDonald 6:04
Howard Hughes Blughes Erik Frandsen 4:34
Knight Moves Suzanne Vega 3:36
Call Me the Whale Paul Kaplan, Jack Hardy, and Tom Intondi 3:43
Diavoli in Avido Amore Germana Pucci 4:54
Wasted Love Carolyn McCombs 4:31
The Great American Dream Tom Intondi, Lucy Kaplansky, Jack Hardy, David Massengill, and Rod MacDonald 9:19