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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 1, No. 9)

Various Artists
Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 1, No. 9)

Although none of the performers on this edition of Fast Folk Musical Magazine reached a national stage, each gives a polished and heartfelt performance. For example, David Indian sings “Ragman,” which he composed in support of the efforts of the Southern Poverty Law Center—Klanwatch Project to identify domestic terror groups and to monitor and report on their efforts to undermine democratic activities. Also of interest are “Share the Failure” sung by Elaine Silver with John Kruth, the song’s composer, on flute and Nikki Matheson singing “Le Chanson des Livrées” accompanied by Lisa Gutkin on fiddle.

Track Listing

Fire on the Hill Dave Edwards and Mark Dann 3:09
Share the Failure Elaine Silver, John Kruth, Pierce Pettis, and Mark Dann 2:57
Maria There Will be Time Tom McGhee and Mark Dann 3:17
Day After Day Richard Meyer and Mark Dann 3:54
Le Chanson des Livrées Nikki Matheson, Lisa Gutkin, and the Rentones 2:48
Sculpting Stones Billy Jones and Mark Dann 3:03
Sailing to the New World Hugh Blumenfeld, Diane Chodkowski, Peter Lewy, and Mark Dann 3:52
Mama's Child Pinky & the Twinkies 3:32
Ragman! David Indian, Neil Salant, and Mark Dann 4:04
Rocking Chair Deborah Liv Johnson 3:05
The Four Seasons Jackson Braider and Mark Dann 2:48
A Light Melody C.D. Herold 4:32