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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 2, No. 3)

Various Artists
Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 2, No. 3)

Love and politics are featured in this edition of Fast Folk Musical Magazine. The love songs begin with Christine Lavin singing “Roses from the Wrong Man” and continue with French folksinger Gabriel Yacoub’s “Elle a des cheveux d’or” (“She Has Golden Hair”), Joe Virgo’s “Susan’s Valentine,” and Peggy Atwood’s “Unchain This Heart.” Politics takes the stage with David Indian singing about keeping New York City nuclear-free (“Free Harbor”), Susan Vosburgh’s “Call Me Please Melissa/The Real World,” Roger Manning on Anne Frank and modern-day Europe (“Song to Anne Frank”), and David Massengill’s ode to former presidents (“The Ex-President’s Waltz”). Frenchy Burrito’s “My Banana” is about a banana (or not). A facsimile of Fast Folk Musical Magazine is included.

Track Listing

Roses from the Wrong Man Christine Lavin and Mark Dann 3:56
Free Harbor David Indian, Elizabeth Stone, and Mark Dann 4:41
Into the Sun Lillie Palmer, Gladys Bragg, and Mark Dann 5:43
The Ex-President's Waltz David Massengill 4:14
Elle a des Cheveux d'Or Gabriel Yacoub and Mark Dann 4:10
Call Me Please, Melissa / The Real World (medley) Susan Vosburgh 2:23
My Banana Frenchy Burrito, Doug Miles, and Mark Dann 2:37
Bow and Arrow Andrew Calhoun 3:55
Susan's Valentine (As Long as Your Love's There) Joe Virgo and Mark Dann 3:45
Unchain This Heart Peggy Atwood, Bill Bachmann, and Josie Kuhn 3:32
Song to Anne Frank (The Annex Blues) Roger Manning and Mark Dann 2:38
Maria Peter Wilson and Mark Dann 2:30