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Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 3, No. 2)

Various Artists
Fast Folk Musical Magazine (Vol. 3, No. 2)

Fast Folk Musical Magazine was a combination of print magazine and audio recording published in New York City from 1982 to 1997. Its principal purpose was to serve as an outlet for young singer/songwriters in the release of their recordings. This collection of songs reflects a variety of folk music styles ranging from country blues (“Waltz with the Captain’s Daughter”) and Celtic (“Cold is the Heart” and “The Grim Reaper’s Song”) to folk rock (“Cry for the Lonely”) and a cappella (“Hillsong”). “Bernie Gets” is a song parody based on “Jingle Bells” about Bernard Goetz who shot a black teenager on the New York City subway in 1979. Several of the song performances in this collection make use of a keyboard synthesizer. A 20 page facsimile of the magazine is included with the recording.

Track Listing

Private Lives Penelope Nichols and Janice Kollar 5:30
Salvation for Hire Tom McGhee and Janice Kollar 3:29
Bernie Gets Roger Deitz and Janice Kollar 3:07
Hillsong Hugh Blumenfeld and Diane Chodkowski 2:37
Cold is the Heart Donnybrook Fair 2:06
Old Man of Penn Station Dennis Dougherty 3:48
Cry for the Lonely Robin Greenstein, Roy Goldberg, Timothy Pitt, and Billy "Linn" Kollar 4:11
Waltz with the Captain's Daughter Cormac McCarthy 7:22
Grim Reaper's Song,The John Kruth and the Usual Suspects 3:07
Her Obsession Steve Kay and Janice Kollar 2:53
Equinox Stuart Kabak, Lisa Lynn Gygax, and Janice Kollar 3:20
That's Not Part of the Bargain Billy Jones and Janice Kollar 2:32