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The Story of the Keyboard Instruments: Vol. 1

The Story of the Keyboard Instruments: Vol. 1

This two-part series, performed by Professor Franzpeter Goebels, takes the listener through a soundscape of three keyboard instruments in use before the invention of the modern-day piano: the clavichord, the hammerclavier, and the harpsichord. The albums present compositions written for the instruments at the height of their popularity, as well as examples of more modern compositions written for these instruments. The clavichord and the hammerclavier, more widely known as the "Mozart piano," are featured on Volume 1. Liner notes written by Professor Goebels provide a brief history and description of each instrument, as well as photos.

Track Listing

J. Froberger: Lamentatio Franzpeter Goebels 5:48
P.E. Bach: Fantasie Franzpeter Goebels 5:38
J.S. Bach: Aria Franzpeter Goebels 1:53
P. Benary: Three Miniatures Franzpeter Goebels 3:35
J.C. Bach: Variations G Major Franzpeter Goebels 3:27
W.A. Mozart: Variations "Ah, je vous dirais Maman" Franzpeter Goebels 5:22
W.A. Mozart: Fantasie D Minor Franzpeter Goebels 6:14
E. Pepping: Serenade Franzpeter Goebels 3:28