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The Clementi Piano: Vol. 1

John Newmark
The Clementi Piano: Vol. 1 Clementi pianos were built in London in the early 1800s by Italian-born composer, conductor, and pianist Muzio Clementi. Smaller than modern pianos, Clementi pianos have a six-octave keyboard, instead of the normal seven and one-half octaves. The musical sound of the Clementi piano falls between that of a harpsichord and grand piano. This recording, by Canadian classical pianist John Newmark, features the music of three of Johann Sebastian Bach's sons: Johann Christian, Karl Philipp Emmanuel, and Wilhelm Friedemann Bach. The liner notes include information about the performer, the composers, and a brief description and photo of the Clementi piano.

Track Listing

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Karl Philipp Emmanuel Bach: Sonata in G Minor: Allegro, Adagio, Allegro assai John Newmark 13:03
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Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Capriccio in D minor John Newmark 02:22
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Johan Christian Bach: Prelude and Fugue in C minor John Newmark 08:11
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Johann Christian Bach: Sonata in C minor: Allegro, Andante, Finale John Newmark 12:35
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Wilhelm Friedemann Bach: Three Fugues: B-flat major, D minor, D major John Newmark 03:51
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Karl Philipp Emmanuel Bach: Twelve Variations on the "Folie d'Espagne" John Newmark 09:17