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Stories from Ride with the Sun

Stories from Ride with the Sun

This 1956 album consists of five popular folktales taken from Ride With the Sun, a book originally published for the United Nations Women’s Guild. The stories—from the Philippines, China, Egypt, Iceland, and Brazil—are read by Kathleen Danson Read, who enriches them with her engaging character voices. Liner notes include brief histories of the stories.

Track Listing

The Turtle and The Monkey Share a Tree (Philippines) Kathleen Danson Read 5:52
The Priest and the Pear Tree Kathleen Danson Read 6:39
Judgement of the Karakoush Kathleen Danson Read 5:44
Bukolla Kathleen Danson Read 7:12
The Deer and the Jaguar Share a House Kathleen Danson Read 7:19