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Lucien Stryk: Selected Poems

Lucien Stryk
Lucien Stryk: Selected Poems Lucien Stryk (1924–2013) was an English professor and a poet who also translated Buddhist literature and Zen poetry. His own poems in turn have been translated into Japanese, Chinese, French, Italian, Swedish, and Spanish. Influenced by Walt Whitman, Paul Éluard, and Basho, Stryk in this recording from 1983 reads poems from his book Collected Poems, 1958–1983. The poems are printed in the text. This is one of two recordings of poetry readings by Stryk; the other, of Zen poetry, is catalogue number FW09855 (Zen Poems: Read by Lucien Stryk).

Track Listing

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Return to Hiroshima / The Mine: Yamaguchi / The Woman Who Lived in a Crate / The Balloon / Notes for a Guidebook Lucien Stryk 09:47
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Torero / Escale / Chekhov in Nice / Oeuvre / To a Japanese Poet Lucien Stryk 10:01
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Zen: The Rocks of Sesshu / The Quake / Etude / Objet d'Art / Cormorant Lucien Stryk 08:23
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Christ of Pershing Square / The Cannery / The Pit / Awakening / Elegy for a Long-Haired Student Lucien Stryk 08:55
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South / The Goose / Fishing with my Daughter / Rites of Passage / Here and Now Lucien Stryk 05:24
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Morning / Rain / The Unknown Neighbor / Sirens / The Duckpond Lucien Stryk 07:42
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Love Poem / Letter to Jean-Paul Baudot, at Christmas / You Must Change Your Life / Juggler / Old Folks Home / Siberia / Cherries Lucien Stryk 06:53