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Music in the Air

Music in the Air

Mike Glick and The New Song Trio perform a collection of 11 songs for children. In recognition of the International Year of the Child, Glick dedicates this 1979 album to “the children of the world.” Opening with “Music in the Air,” Glick mixes songs about learning (“The Abbacadaba Alphabet” and “From One to Ten”) with songs about poetry (“I Wrote a Poem” by 11-year-old Monique Sorel), whimsical songs (“Dancing on the Farm”), and Chief Joseph’s poem to fight no more (“Hear Me, My Warriors”). The New Song Trio is composed of Jeff Fuller on bass, mandolin, and background vocals; Lise Brown on flute, piccolo, and tambourine; and Genie Sherman on vocals and guitar. Lyrics to all tracks and brief biographies of the musicians are included in the liner notes.

Track Listing

Music in the Air Mike Glick 3:33
The Abbacadaba Alphabet Mike Glick 3:46
I Wrote a Poem Mike Glick 2:24
From One to Ten Mike Glick 3:32
Dancing on the Farm Mike Glick 2:54
Colors of the Rainbow Mike Glick 3:04
A Lumberjack's Life Mike Glick 1:48
South Street Mike Glick 2:37
Hear Me, My Warriors Mike Glick 3:10
The Science of Nature Mike Glick 2:02
Going to the Country Mike Glick 2:06