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Narrative Traditions of Karnataka

Various Artists
This selection is drawn from a variety of narrative traditions of Karnataka. These are all roughly called katha, or kathe in plural, and are story narratives performed through recitation and music. They include Burra Katha, Kamsale, Chaudike, Jogi and Tatva. Musically the kathe follow both the Hindustani and Karnatak tune families. Different varieties of leader/follower singing patterns are used to narrate a story.

Track Listing

Burrakatha - Peethikalu (Burrakatha - Invocation to the gods and goddesses - Saraswati, Ganesha and Ganga Bhavani ) Anjanappa and accompanists 05:46  
Burrakatha - Koluvaya rajanudu (Burrakatha Excerpt from the Kamboji Raja Katha. Episode - The King is now in court) Anjanappa and accompanists 03:29  
Chaudike pada-sharanu sharanamma devi (Invocation to the Ellamama Katha peformance "Protect me, oh goddess Ellamma") Chaudike Subbayya 02:51  
Chaudike pada-sarunayya o rama (Oh Rama, protect me!) Chaudike Subbayya and party 07:00  
Chaudike pada-yara ballavare tayi (oh mother, who doesn’t know your power?) Chaudike Subbayya and party 05:11  
Jogi Kathe - ibbaru hendra kalaga daga (The man with two wives) Guddappa Jogi and group 01:43  
Jogi Kathe - chinti yatako manuja, bhranti yatako (why do you have worries and illusions in your mind?) Guddappa Jogi and group 02:34  
Jogi Kathe - ala beda tangi alu beda (Don’t cry sister, don’t cry) Guddappa Jogi and group 03:22  
Kamsale pada - amma onna dumbi adu nano (Oh mother, I am a golden dragonfly in your hands) Mahadevappa and party 08:28  
Kamsale pada - mangala roti yetti (Mangala arati - a concluding prayer) Mahadevappa and party 03:55  
Kamsale pada - ayya modali nimma, mahadeva (Invocation to Mahadeva - oh God! In the beginning, I pray to you) Mahadevappa and party 05:22  
Tatva songs - basava baba vasu jaga ninnaya (Basava - please return to this world!) Basappa Swamy 03:24