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They Moved My Job to Georgia or Was It Tennessee?

They Moved My Job to Georgia or Was It Tennessee?

Singer/songwriter Peyton Hopkins specializes in hard-hitting labor union songs. He knows the struggles of the worker well; his father was an autoworker in Detroit and participated in the 1937 Ford plant strikes.

Not one to mince words, Hopkins' lyrics are defiant. In this recording, the first of two that he made for Collector Records in the 1980s, he appears before a live audience of workers, and introduced most songs with a few pertinent remarks. He accompanies himself on guitar, playing left-handed, sometimes with mouth harp accompaniment by Lee Roth.

Liner notes provide information on Peyton’s background and philosophy.

Track Listing

Minimum Wage Peyton Hopkins 2:39
They Moved My Job To Georgia Peyton Hopkins 2:29
Down Too Long Peyton Hopkins 3:42
The World’s Unwilling Poor Peyton Hopkins 4:18
Together We’ve Got Pride Peyton Hopkins 3:50
Unlucky Kentucky Coal Miner’s Blues Peyton Hopkins 3:48
We Signed Up Billy Beaumont Peyton Hopkins 2:13
Stand Up For Your Union While You Can Peyton Hopkins 4:05
John Mclaughlin Peyton Hopkins 2:33
Silence Ain’t Always So Golden Peyton Hopkins 4:17